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Foundations ON-Demand

Shamanic Magician Foundations This is the first step before the ceremony work and practitioner training can begin.

We have crafted a unique journey, to mentor and guide you to becoming a competent and effective Spirit Worker.

All are welcome, and with continual mentoring, therapy and application, you can apply to partake in the later rituals, and initiations of Sacred Space Weaver and Spirit Weaver.


Emotional Mastery

Upgrade your emotional strategies and change how you respond to your emotions and those of others:

Emotional Mastery is a transformational experience combining workshops, articles and Qigong to shift you from being a slave to your emotions into the realm of mastery. 

Our Primary Channels get blocked with emotions.  They start as pathology, turn into emotional filters, or behavioural paradigms, then stagnate and become energy blocks.

We focus on energy strategies that free you from your emotional burden and there are workshops and discussions that explore emotions from a TCM and psychotherapeutic perspective.  Plus the QiGong is awesome!

Workshop Containers

The Path of the White Dragon Initiate, prepares you to lead a Divine Life, where you take guidance and learn lessons from your real teachers, your ancestors and spirit teams.

When you can surrender to a state of not knowing, and honest acceptance of your own ignorance, this creates a more receptive state for 'spirit' to provide answers at the appropriate times that you need them to take the next step in your journey.  

All are welcome to the early stages of the work ...

Warrior Qigong ON-Demand

Clear your Head, Sharpen your Memory, Calm your Mind, Relax your Body and Awaken your Intuition…

Activate your energy system, to increase your ability to manage stress, emotions and thoughts; develop a positive attitude and joy towards life; improve your concentration, and develop a sense of mastery over your body and energy.

Access in-depth Blogs and articles to deepen your understanding of your own energy system.

Fuel Your Awakening!

Fuel Your Awakening!

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Tiffany Minorgan
Rachel Rose
Ricky Cubley
Helen Egert
Carlyn Hollingsworth
Anna Scaturro
Lynn Hebblethwaite
Alexandria Sciarappa
Jo Bell
Lani Neilson
Shannon Andersen
Tiffany Minorgan

I joined the Year of Power during the Red Dragon series and quickly felt the benefit of daily practice, as well as the wealth of information shared to compliment the practice. I decided to join in for the remainder of the year, committed to daily practice, following the order of the previous series.

It’s a daily ritual to connect and ground, to support myself energetically on my healing journey. I feel it has been the force/anchor that has allowed me to accumulate the power to stay true and strong on my path, more deeply connected to my soul and my power, as I’ve navigated huge shifts as a result. It feels like the beginning — starting to feel the energy during sleeping tiger after 5 months of daily practice - I can’t wait to see what comes with more dedication to practice!

It truly feels like putting the oxygen mask on first for myself, as I begin each day with a Year of Power (YOP) practice. Each practice feels like it is a clear channel to deep connection to my soul and Higher Self - a true blessing!

Highly recommend!

Rachel Rose

Year of Power was fantastic! This is one of those offerings that is non-negotiable for anyone doing any form of spirit and energy work whether that's personally or professionally.

When i enrolled in YOP I was in the middle of burn out. I'd be doing a lot of spiritual work and felt completely drained of all life force. I felt stagnant and stuck creatively, sexually, physically and emotionally. YOP supported me in reclaiming my power as an energetic being. It helped me develop and build power through consistency and accountability, whilst simultaneously building my energetic power.

A lot has changed in my life since the completion of YOP. I now have a consistent daily practice which often includes qi gong or some form of intuitive stretching movement, my business feels more aligned, my health is now on track, I've started to explore tantra and other ways to channel my sexual energy which has been very exciting and expansive for me.

Thank you Joseph for turning this program into an online one, because it allowed me to refine my practice daily with guidance which in my opinion made this offering the offering that kept offering

Ricky Cubley

The Year of Power with Joseph was absolutely incredible in supporting my entire nervous system to navigate some pretty intense personal transformations this year within self and in running my coaching business.

Throughout the first few months I was able to commit to each of the classes available and I could definitely feel a stability in my energy - a stead fastness that I often don’t feel in myself.

Joseph’s program actually offers the most extensive mentoring in Qi Gong that I’ve seen around, he truly TEACHES the practice and provides an understanding of so many facets that I felt I KNEW what we were doing with each form and why!

I must admit as the year went on, I didn’t uphold my consistent Practice as life got a bit more hectic but honestly every single time I hit the mat to get into a class of Jo’s I felt so nourished and his edited videos meant I could tap into a 20 minute version that gave me just the boost I needed.

I really couldn’t recommend Joseph and his Qi Gong classes enough, I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to cultivate my Qi and give myself the space to stay deeply connected to my body throughout some challenging moments.

Thanks so much Jo, The Year of Power certainly delivered everything I needed and MORE than I could have imagined!

Helen Egert

I love the year of power!

It has shown me how much more energy I and my body can have just by doing Qigong on a regular basis.

This year of power has been extremely powerful and I am looking forward to doing the same next year. I love how I have evolved through the year and how my energy has changed to the point where other people have commented on how I seem different but they cant put their hands on what it is. The year of power has been a big part of this change. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to step into their power fully and completely!

What was great was to have mentoring included and this has helped with any questions I have had but also with being able to ask anything about life but just Qigong.

Highly recommended!

This is the real deal!

Thank you Jo and Shamanic Energy Training for bringing such a powerful program to the world that is full with integrity and has such a handy template where you can rewatch videos anytime.

Carlyn Hollingsworth

I joined the Year of Power after trying the Elemental Warrior online classes at the end of 2021. It was my first time trying Qi Gong and I was blown away at what these classes opened up for me.

Year of Power was a no brainer and honestly kept me going through many highs and lows – including travelling across the country / being mobile every few days. Having the live classes and recordings in various times was extremely supportive, grounding, and expansive during my period of constant change.

The way Jo teaches offers a multi layered experience for newbies like me and options to explore more experienced / challenging positions or movements.

Seeing the possibilities and pathways inspires me to keep going! I’ve learned so much thanks to all the additional information that’s shared in the group and really look forward to continuing my Qi Gong journey 🙂 Thanks Jo!!

Anna Scaturro

The Year of Power .. not certain where I would be or would have been without it, each class, it is a life blessing that has supported me to

Be here and resilient and

present ... grateful to be a newbie & to dance and be with all the forms .. thank you for the inspiration , gift of your teachings and sharing of Your Qi Gong and Year of Power. My life is, and I am, so much more energised, calmer, resilient and far less reactive. The way the training was delivered online is brilliant , with all the forms and additional supporting information easily accessible and available for home practice. I also loved the music that flowed with each class .

Thank you Joseph, I can’t recommend this training , practice, lifestyle highly enough

Lynn Hebblethwaite

The Year of Power was epic. It was convenient to dip into the videos anytime. The live sessions helped to build and sustain momentum in my practice. I found the buddy system helpful to stay accountable. I'm still practicing at least three times per week. Thank you for the love and energy you poured into the experience.

The mentoring with Joseph was transformational. His observations and questions made me think about the wisdom of certain decisions and make changes. I've implemented many of the suggestions we discussed during our sessions and I'm gradually feeling improvements in my health.

Alexandria Sciarappa

Elemental Warrior was the energy practice I never knew I needed. It shifted so much for me and I wish I would have found this earlier in my journey. Specifically things shifted when it came to how I held containers and lead workshops. I felt radiant, sparkly, luminous, strong and anchored into the earth with a rainbow leading my path. I can’t wait to be able to continue my practice. So thankful to Joe and all he shares.

Jo Bell

The Year of Power has been an incredibly supportive and gentle practice that has allowed me to feel strong in Mind, Body and Spirit. It has helped me to build my energetic power and strengthen my roots and has allowed me to create a deeper connection to my Body.

Joe brings his whole self to his classes - they are a combination of his expert experience and vast wisdom and are shared through his vitality and zest for life. One can't help but feel incredibly inspired after being in class with him.

I can't recommend Joe's classes highly enough!

Lani Neilson

The Year of Power with Joseph was absolutely transformational in so many different ways!! Please give this gift to yourself !!!

Joseph has so much deep wisdom and lived experience to share, you receive multidimensional tools to learn how to regulate your own nervous system, nourish and generate your life force energies, tools for self care, empowerment, creating right relationship with the elements and with Spirit, and OMGOSH, a w-h-o-l-e LOT more!!!!

This is an OHMazing journey through a Year of Power🙏❤

Shannon Andersen

The year of power with has been one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. It's not only been a great way to get back into movement of my body, gently, but also has been a beautiful way of connecting TO my body. You can't help but feel at ease and welcome in the space with Joe. Highly recommended, and something I would truly do again, over and over

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